May 15th All Events

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May 15th, 2008 (May 15 2008)EventCalifornia becomes the second U.S. state after Massachusetts in 2004 to legalize same-sex marriage after the state s own Supreme Court rules a previous ban unconstitutional.
May 15th, 2008 (May 15 2008)DeathAlexander Courage, composer of original Star Trek theme (born in 1919)
May 15th, 2008 (May 15 2008)DeathTommy Burns, Scottish footballer (born in 1956)
May 15th, 2008 (May 15 2008)DeathRobert Dunlop, Northern Irish motorcycle racer, younger brother of Joey Dunlop (born in 1960)
May 15th, 2007 (May 15 2007)DeathJerry Falwell, American evangelist (born in 1933)
May 15th, 2007 (May 15 2007)DeathYolanda King, American actress and activist, daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. (born in 1955)Martin Luther Quotes
May 15th, 2005 (May 15 2005)DeathAlan B. Gold, Quebec Chief Justice (born in 1917)
May 15th, 2003 (May 15 2003)DeathJune Carter Cash, American musician and singer (born in 1929)
May 15th, 2003 (May 15 2003)DeathGeorge Francis, British gangster (born in 1940)
May 15th, 1998 (May 15 1998)DeathEarl Manigault, American basketball player (born in 1944)
May 15th, 1997 (May 15 1997)EventThe United States government acknowledges the existence of the "Secret War" in Laos and dedicates the Laos Memorial in honor of Hmong and other "Secret War" veterans.
May 15th, 1996 (May 15 1996)DeathCharles B. Fulton, American jurist (born in 1910)
May 15th, 1995 (May 15 1995)BirthKsenia Sitnik, Belarusian singer
May 15th, 1995 (May 15 1995)DeathEric Porter, British actor (born in 1928)
May 15th, 1994 (May 15 1994)DeathGilbert Roland, Mexican actor (born in 1905)
May 15th, 1993 (May 15 1993)DeathSalah Ahmed Ibrahim, Sudanese writer, poet, and diplomat (born in 1933)
May 15th, 1992 (May 15 1992)DeathJovy Marcelo, Filipino race car driver (born in 1965)
May 15th, 1991 (May 15 1991)EventEdith Cresson becomes France s first female prime minister.
May 15th, 1991 (May 15 1991)DeathAndreas Floer, German mathematician (born in 1956)
May 15th, 1991 (May 15 1991)DeathRonald Lacey, English actor (born in 1935)
May 15th, 1990 (May 15 1990)EventPortrait of Doctor Gachet by Vincent van Gogh is sold for a record $82.5 million, the most expensive painting at the time.Vincent Van Gogh Quotes
May 15th, 1990 (May 15 1990)BirthJoe Mattock, English football player
May 15th, 1989 (May 15 1989)DeathJohnny Green, American songwriter (born in 1908)
May 15th, 1988 (May 15 1988)EventSoviet war in Afghanistan: After more than eight years of fighting, the Red Army begins its withdrawal from Afghanistan.
May 15th, 1987 (May 15 1987)EventThe Soviet Union launches the Polyus prototype orbital weapons platform. It fails to reach orbit.
May 15th, 1987 (May 15 1987)BirthErsan Ilyasova, Turkish basketball player
May 15th, 1987 (May 15 1987)BirthJennylyn Mercado, Filipina actress and singer
May 15th, 1987 (May 15 1987)BirthAndrew "Andy" Murray, Scottish tennis player
May 15th, 1986 (May 15 1986)BirthMatias Fernandez, Chilean footballer
May 15th, 1986 (May 15 1986)BirthAdam Moffat, Scottish football player
May 15th, 1986 (May 15 1986)DeathTheodore White, American writer (born in 1915)
May 15th, 1986 (May 15 1986)DeathElio de Angelis, Italian race car driver (born in 1958)
May 15th, 1985 (May 15 1985)BirthCristiane, Brazilian footballer
May 15th, 1984 (May 15 1984)BirthSergio Jimenez, Brazilian racing driver
May 15th, 1984 (May 15 1984)DeathFrancis Schaeffer, American theologian, philosopher, and pastor (born in 1912) Philo Quotes
May 15th, 1983 (May 15 1983)BirthDevin Bronson, American guitarist (Avril Lavigne)Avril Lavigne Quotes
May 15th, 1982 (May 15 1982)BirthAlex Breckenridge, American actress
May 15th, 1982 (May 15 1982)BirthVeronica Campbell, Jamaican athlete
May 15th, 1982 (May 15 1982)BirthSegundo Castillo, Ecuadorian footballer
May 15th, 1982 (May 15 1982)BirthTatsuya Fujiwara, Japanese actor
May 15th, 1982 (May 15 1982)BirthJessica Sutta, American dancer, singer and actress (The Pussycat Dolls)
May 15th, 1982 (May 15 1982)DeathGordon Smiley, American race car driver (born in 1946)
May 15th, 1981 (May 15 1981)BirthPatrice Evra, French-Senegalese footballer
May 15th, 1981 (May 15 1981)BirthJustin Morneau, Canadian baseball player
May 15th, 1981 (May 15 1981)BirthZara Phillips, British royal and eventer
May 15th, 1981 (May 15 1981)BirthJamie-Lynn Sigler, American actress
May 15th, 1980 (May 15 1980)BirthJosh Beckett, American baseball player
May 15th, 1980 (May 15 1980)BirthRocky Marquette, American actor
May 15th, 1978 (May 15 1978)BirthAmy Chow, American gymnast
May 15th, 1978 (May 15 1978)BirthDwayne DeRosario, Canadian footballer
May 15th, 1978 (May 15 1978)BirthCaroline Dhavernas, Canadian actressCaroline Dhavernas Quotes
May 15th, 1978 (May 15 1978)BirthEdu, Brazilian footballer
May 15th, 1978 (May 15 1978)BirthDavid Krumholtz, American actor
May 15th, 1978 (May 15 1978)BirthKrissy Taylor, American model (died in 1995)
May 15th, 1978 (May 15 1978)DeathSir Robert Menzies, twelfth Prime Minister of Australia (born in 1894)
May 15th, 1976 (May 15 1976)BirthAdolfo Bautista, Mexican footballer
May 15th, 1976 (May 15 1976)BirthTorraye Braggs, American basketball player
May 15th, 1976 (May 15 1976)BirthJacek Krzynowek, Polish footballer
May 15th, 1976 (May 15 1976)BirthRyan Leaf, American football player
May 15th, 1976 (May 15 1976)BirthTyler Walker, baseball player
May 15th, 1975 (May 15 1975)BirthRay Lewis, American football player
May 15th, 1974 (May 15 1974)BirthVassilis Kikilias, Greek basketball player
May 15th, 1974 (May 15 1974)BirthAhmet Zappa, American musician
May 15th, 1973 (May 15 1973)BirthPedro Reyes, Mexican engineer
May 15th, 1972 (May 15 1972)EventThe island of Okinawa, under U.S. military governance since its conquest in 1945, reverts to Japanese control.
May 15th, 1972 (May 15 1972)EventIn Laurel, Maryland, Arthur Bremer shoots and paralyzes Alabama Governor George Wallace while he is campaigning to be become President.
May 15th, 1972 (May 15 1972)BirthDavid Charvet, French actor
May 15th, 1971 (May 15 1971)BirthPhil Pfister, American strength athlete
May 15th, 1971 (May 15 1971)DeathTyrone Guthrie, English director, producer, and writer (born in 1900)
May 15th, 1970 (May 15 1970)EventPresident Richard Nixon appoints Anna Mae Hays and Elizabeth P. Hoisington the first female United States Army Generals.
May 15th, 1970 (May 15 1970)EventPhilip Lafayette Gibbs and James Earl Green are killed at Jackson State University by police during student protests.
May 15th, 1970 (May 15 1970)BirthMartin Rossiter, Welsh Musician
May 15th, 1970 (May 15 1970)BirthFrank de Boer, Dutch football player
May 15th, 1970 (May 15 1970)BirthRonald de Boer, Dutch football player
May 15th, 1970 (May 15 1970)BirthDesmond Howard, American football player
May 15th, 1970 (May 15 1970)BirthRod Smith, American football player
May 15th, 1969 (May 15 1969)BirthHideki Irabu, Japanese baseball player
May 15th, 1969 (May 15 1969)BirthEmmitt Smith, American football player
May 15th, 1969 (May 15 1969)BirthAsalah Nasri, Syrian singer
May 15th, 1968 (May 15 1968)BirthCecilia Malmstrom, Swedish politician
May 15th, 1968 (May 15 1968)BirthSeth Putnam, American musician
May 15th, 1967 (May 15 1967)BirthMadhuri Dixit, Indian actress
May 15th, 1967 (May 15 1967)BirthJohn Smoltz, baseball player
May 15th, 1967 (May 15 1967)DeathEdward Hopper, American painter (born in 1882)Edward Hopper Quotes
May 15th, 1966 (May 15 1966)BirthPete Wiggs, English musician (Saint Etienne)
May 15th, 1965 (May 15 1965)BirthRai, Brazilian footballer
May 15th, 1964 (May 15 1964)DeathVladko Macek, Kingdom of Yugoslavia deputy prime minister (born in 1879)
May 15th, 1963 (May 15 1963)EventProject Mercury: The launch of the final Mercury mission, Mercury-Atlas 9 with astronaut L. Gordon Cooper on boardied in He becomes the first American to spend more than a day in space.
May 15th, 1961 (May 15 1961)BirthKatrin Cartlidge, British actress (died in 2002)
May 15th, 1961 (May 15 1961)BirthMelle Mel, American musician
May 15th, 1960 (May 15 1960)EventThe Soviet Union launches Sputnik 4.
May 15th, 1960 (May 15 1960)BirthRob Bowman, American film director
May 15th, 1959 (May 15 1959)BirthAndrew Eldritch, English singer and songwriter (The Sisters of Mercy)
May 15th, 1959 (May 15 1959)BirthKaokor Galaxy, Thai boxer
May 15th, 1959 (May 15 1959)BirthLuis Perez-Sala, Spanish racing driver
May 15th, 1958 (May 15 1958)EventThe Soviet Union launches Sputnik 3.
May 15th, 1958 (May 15 1958)BirthRon Simmons, American professional wrestler
May 15th, 1957 (May 15 1957)EventAt Malden Island in the Pacific, Britain tests its first hydrogen bomb in Operation Grapple. The device fails to detonate properly.
May 15th, 1957 (May 15 1957)BirthJuan Jose Ibarretxe, Basque Lehendakari (Prime Minister)
May 15th, 1957 (May 15 1957)BirthKevin Von Erich, American professional wrestler
May 15th, 1956 (May 15 1956)BirthDan Patrick, American sportscaster
May 15th, 1956 (May 15 1956)DeathAustin Osman Spare, English magician (born in 1886)
May 15th, 1955 (May 15 1955)EventThe Austrian Independence Treaty is signed.
May 15th, 1955 (May 15 1955)EventThe first ascent of Makalu, the world s fifth highest mountain.
May 15th, 1955 (May 15 1955)BirthLee Horsley, American actor
May 15th, 1954 (May 15 1954)BirthRobert P. Harrison, American thinker
May 15th, 1954 (May 15 1954)DeathWilliam March, American writer (born in 1893)William March Quotes
May 15th, 1953 (May 15 1953)BirthGeorge Brett, American baseball player
May 15th, 1953 (May 15 1953)BirthMike Oldfield, English composer
May 15th, 1952 (May 15 1952)BirthChazz Palminteri, American actor, writer and director
May 15th, 1951 (May 15 1951)EventThe Polish cultural attache in Paris, Czeslaw Milosz, asks the French government for political asylum.
May 15th, 1951 (May 15 1951)BirthFrank Wilczek, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
May 15th, 1950 (May 15 1950)BirthNicholas Hammond, American actor
May 15th, 1948 (May 15 1948)EventEgypt, Transjordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia attack Israel.
May 15th, 1948 (May 15 1948)BirthBrian Eno, English musician and record producer
May 15th, 1948 (May 15 1948)BirthKathleen Sebelius, American politician, governor of Kansas
May 15th, 1948 (May 15 1948)BirthYutaka Enatsu, Japanese professional baseball pitcher
May 15th, 1948 (May 15 1948)DeathEdward Flanagan, American priest and founder of Boys Town (born in 1886)
May 15th, 1947 (May 15 1947)BirthGraeham Goble, Australian musician, singer/songwriter, and record producer (co-founding member of Little River Band)
May 15th, 1945 (May 15 1945)EventWorld War II: The final skirmish in Europe is fought near Prevalje, Slovenia.
May 15th, 1945 (May 15 1945)BirthLasse Berghagen, Swedish singer
May 15th, 1945 (May 15 1945)BirthDuarte Pio, Duke of Braganza, heir to the Portuguese crown
May 15th, 1945 (May 15 1945)DeathCharles Williams, UK writer (born in 1886)
May 15th, 1944 (May 15 1944)BirthUlrich Beck, German sociologist
May 15th, 1944 (May 15 1944)BirthBill Alter, Missouri State Senator
May 15th, 1943 (May 15 1943)EventJoseph Stalin dissolves the Comintern (or Third International).Joseph Stalin Quotes
May 15th, 1942 (May 15 1942)EventWorld War II: in the United States, a bill creating the Women s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) is signed into law.
May 15th, 1942 (May 15 1942)BirthJusuf Kalla, vice- president of Indonesia and Chairman of the Golkar Party.
May 15th, 1942 (May 15 1942)BirthDoug Lowe, 35th Premier of Tasmania
May 15th, 1941 (May 15 1941)EventBaseball player Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees starts his record-breaking 56-game hitting streak.
May 15th, 1941 (May 15 1941)BirthK.T. Oslin, American musician
May 15th, 1940 (May 15 1940)EventWorld War II: After fierce fighting, the poorly trained and equipped Dutch troops surrender to Germany, marking the beginning of five years of occupation.
May 15th, 1940 (May 15 1940)EventMcDonald s opens its first restaurant in San Bernardino, California.
May 15th, 1940 (May 15 1940)BirthLainie Kazan, American actress and singer
May 15th, 1940 (May 15 1940)BirthDon Nelson, American basketball coach, currently of the Golden State Warriors
May 15th, 1940 (May 15 1940)DeathMenno ter Braak, Dutch author and polemicist (born in 1902)
May 15th, 1939 (May 15 1939)BirthDorothy Shirley, British athlete
May 15th, 1938 (May 15 1938)BirthMireille Darc, French actress
May 15th, 1938 (May 15 1938)BirthLenny Welch, American singer
May 15th, 1937 (May 15 1937)BirthMadeleine Albright, U.S. Secretary of State
May 15th, 1937 (May 15 1937)BirthTrini Lopez, American musician
May 15th, 1937 (May 15 1937)DeathPhillip Snowden, British politician (born in 1864)
May 15th, 1936 (May 15 1936)EventAmy Johnson arrives back in England after a record-breaking return flight to Cape Town
May 15th, 1936 (May 15 1936)BirthAnna Maria Alberghetti, Italian-born actress
May 15th, 1936 (May 15 1936)BirthWavy Gravy, American clown and activist
May 15th, 1936 (May 15 1936)BirthRalph Steadman, British cartoonist
May 15th, 1936 (May 15 1936)BirthPaul Zindel, American writer (died in 2003)
May 15th, 1935 (May 15 1935)EventThe Moscow Metro is opened to public.
May 15th, 1935 (May 15 1935)BirthUtah Phillips, American labor organizer and folk singer
May 15th, 1935 (May 15 1935)DeathKazimir Malevich, Polish/Ukrainian artist (born in 1878)
May 15th, 1934 (May 15 1934)EventKarlis Ulmanis establishes an authoritarian government in Latvia.
May 15th, 1932 (May 15 1932)EventThe May 15 Incident: in an attempted Coup d etat, the Prime Minister of Japan Inukai Tsuyoshi is killed.
May 15th, 1931 (May 15 1931)BirthKen Venturi, American golferKen Venturi Quotes
May 15th, 1930 (May 15 1930)BirthJasper Johns, American painter
May 15th, 1929 (May 15 1929)EventA fire at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio kills 123.
May 15th, 1926 (May 15 1926)BirthAnthony Shaffer, English playwright (died in 2001)
May 15th, 1926 (May 15 1926)BirthPeter Shaffer, English playwrightPeter Shaffer Quotes
May 15th, 1924 (May 15 1924)BirthMaria Koepcke, ornithologist (died in 1971)
May 15th, 1924 (May 15 1924)DeathPaul-Henri-Benjamin d Estournelles de Constant, French diplomat, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1852)
May 15th, 1923 (May 15 1923)BirthRichard Avedon, American photographer (died in 2004)
May 15th, 1923 (May 15 1923)BirthJohn Lanchbery, English composer (died in 2003)
May 15th, 1923 (May 15 1923)BirthJohnny Walker, Indian actor (died in 2003)
May 15th, 1922 (May 15 1922)BirthJakucho Setouchi, Japanese writer and Buddhist nun
May 15th, 1920 (May 15 1920)EventCouncil of Lithuania adjourns as the newly elected Constituent Assembly of Lithuania meets for the first time in Kaunas.
May 15th, 1919 (May 15 1919)EventThe Winnipeg General Strike begins. By 11:00 a.m., almost the whole working population of Winnipeg, Manitoba had walked off the job.
May 15th, 1919 (May 15 1919)EventGreek invasion of Izmir. During the invasion, the Greek army kills or wounds 350 Turks. The responsible are punished by the Greek Commander Aristides Stergiades. Hasan Tahsin fires the first shot of the Turkish War of Independence.
May 15th, 1918 (May 15 1918)EventThe Finnish Civil War ends.
May 15th, 1918 (May 15 1918)BirthEddy Arnold, American country music singer (died in 2008)
May 15th, 1918 (May 15 1918)BirthJoseph Wiseman, Canadian actor
May 15th, 1915 (May 15 1915)BirthHilda Bernstein, English-born South African author, artist, and activist (died in 2006)
May 15th, 1915 (May 15 1915)BirthMario Monicelli, Italian director and screenwriter
May 15th, 1915 (May 15 1915)BirthPaul Samuelson, American economist, Nobel Prize laureate
May 15th, 1915 (May 15 1915)BirthGus Viseur, French button accordionist (died in 1974)
May 15th, 1914 (May 15 1914)EventBolivia becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
May 15th, 1914 (May 15 1914)BirthTurk Broda, ice hockey goaltender (died in 1972)
May 15th, 1914 (May 15 1914)BirthTenzing Norgay, (adopted birthdate) Nepalese Sherpa who accompanied Edmund Hillary to the top of Mount Everest (died in 1986)Edmund Hillary Quotes
May 15th, 1912 (May 15 1912)BirthArthur Berger, American composer (died in 2003)Ric Berger Quotes
May 15th, 1911 (May 15 1911)EventThe United States Supreme Court declares Standard Oil to be an "unreasonable" monopoly under the Sherman Antitrust Act and orders the company to be broken up.
May 15th, 1911 (May 15 1911)EventThe Georgios Averof cruiser is bought by Greece.
May 15th, 1911 (May 15 1911)BirthMax Frisch, Swiss author (died in 1991)
May 15th, 1911 (May 15 1911)BirthHerta Oberheuser, Nazi doctor (died in 1978)
May 15th, 1910 (May 15 1910)EventThe last time a major earthquake happened on the Elsinore Fault Zone.
May 15th, 1910 (May 15 1910)BirthConstance Cummings, British actress (died in 2005)
May 15th, 1909 (May 15 1909)BirthJames Mason, English actor (died in 1984)
May 15th, 1907 (May 15 1907)BirthSukhdev Thapar, Indian freedom fighter (died in 1931)
May 15th, 1905 (May 15 1905)EventLas Vegas, Nevada, is founded when 110 acres (0.4 km?), in what later would become downtown, are auctioned off.
May 15th, 1905 (May 15 1905)BirthJoseph Cotten, American actor (died in 1994)
May 15th, 1903 (May 15 1903)BirthMaria Reiche, German-born mathematician and archaeologist (died in 1998)
May 15th, 1902 (May 15 1902)BirthRichard J. Daley, Mayor of Chicago (died in 1976)Richard J. Daley Quotes
May 15th, 1901 (May 15 1901)BirthLuis Monti, Argentine-Italian footballer (died in 1983)
May 15th, 1899 (May 15 1899)BirthJean-Etienne Valluy, French general (died in 1970)
May 15th, 1898 (May 15 1898)BirthArletty, French model and actress (died in 1992)
May 15th, 1897 (May 15 1897)EventThe Greek army retreats with heavy losses in the Greco-Turkish War.
May 15th, 1895 (May 15 1895)BirthWilliam D. Byron, U.S. Congressman (died in 1941)
May 15th, 1892 (May 15 1892)BirthJimmy Wilde, boxer (died in 1969)
May 15th, 1891 (May 15 1891)EventRerum Novarum, the first document of the Catholic Social Teaching tradition, is published by Pope Leo XIII.
May 15th, 1891 (May 15 1891)BirthMikhail Bulgakov, Russian writer (died in 1940)Mikhail Bulgakov Quotes
May 15th, 1891 (May 15 1891)BirthFritz Feigl, Austria-born chemist (died in 1971)
May 15th, 1890 (May 15 1890)BirthKatherine Anne Porter, American author (died in 1980)
May 15th, 1886 (May 15 1886)DeathEmily Dickinson, American poet (born in 1830)Emily Dickinson Quotes
May 15th, 1879 (May 15 1879)DeathGottfried Semper, German architect (born in 1803)
May 15th, 1869 (May 15 1869)EventWoman s suffrage: in New York, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton form the National Woman s Suffrage Association.Susan B. Anthony Quotes
May 15th, 1864 (May 15 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Resaca, Georgia ends.
May 15th, 1864 (May 15 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of New Market, Virginia - students from the Virginia Military Institute fight alongside the Confederate Army to force Union General Franz Sigel out of the Shenandoah Valley.
May 15th, 1862 (May 15 1862)EventPresident Abraham Lincoln signs a bill into law creating the United States Bureau of Agriculture. it is later renamed the United States Department of Agriculture.Abraham Lincoln Quotes
May 15th, 1862 (May 15 1862)BirthArthur Schnitzler, Austrian dramatist and narrator (died in 1931)
May 15th, 1859 (May 15 1859)BirthPierre Curie, French physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1906)
May 15th, 1858 (May 15 1858)EventOpening of the present Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London.
May 15th, 1857 (May 15 1857)BirthWilliamina Fleming, Scottish-born astronomer (died in 1911)
May 15th, 1856 (May 15 1856)BirthL. Frank Baum, American author (died in 1919)L. Frank Baum Quotes
May 15th, 1851 (May 15 1851)EventRama IV is crowned King of Thailand.
May 15th, 1849 (May 15 1849)EventTroops of the Two Sicilies take Palermo and crush the republican government of Sicily.
May 15th, 1848 (May 15 1848)BirthViktor Vasnetsov, Russian painter (died in 1926)
May 15th, 1836 (May 15 1836)EventFrancis Baily observes "Baily s beads" during an annular eclipse.
May 15th, 1817 (May 15 1817)EventOpening of the first private mental health hospital in the United States, the Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason (now Friends Hospital) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
May 15th, 1817 (May 15 1817)BirthDebendranath Tagore, Indian religious reformer (died in 1905)
May 15th, 1811 (May 15 1811)EventParaguay declares independence from Spain.
May 15th, 1800 (May 15 1800)EventGeorge III survives two assassination attempts in one day.
May 15th, 1796 (May 15 1796)EventFirst Coalition: Napoleon enters Milan in triumph.
May 15th, 1793 (May 15 1793)EventDiego Marin Aguilera flies a glider for "about 360 meters", at a height of 5-6 meters, during one of the first attempted flights.
May 15th, 1792 (May 15 1792)EventWar of the First Coalition: France declares war on Kingdom of Sardinia.
May 15th, 1791 (May 15 1791)EventMaximilien Robespierre proposes the Self-denying Ordinance.Maximilien Robespierre Quotes
May 15th, 1786 (May 15 1786)BirthGeneral Dimitris Plapoutas, a Revolutionary in the Greek War of Independence (died in 1864)
May 15th, 1782 (May 15 1782)DeathMarquis of Pombal, Prime Minister of Portugal (born in 1699)
May 15th, 1776 (May 15 1776)EventAmerican Revolution: the Virginia Convention instructs its Continental Congress delegation to propose a resolution of independence from Great Britain, paving the way for the United States Declaration of Independence.
May 15th, 1773 (May 15 1773)BirthPrince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, Austrian statesman (died in 1859)
May 15th, 1773 (May 15 1773)DeathAlban Butler, English Catholic priest and writer (born in 1710)
May 15th, 1760 (May 15 1760)DeathAlaungpaya, King of Burma (born in 1711)
May 15th, 1756 (May 15 1756)EventThe Seven Years War begins when England declares war on France.
May 15th, 1749 (May 15 1749)BirthLevi Lincoln, Sr., American revolutionary, statesman, politician, and acting Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1820)
May 15th, 1740 (May 15 1740)DeathEphraim Chambers, English encyclopaedist (born in 1680)
May 15th, 1720 (May 15 1720)BirthMaximilian Hell, Slovakian astronomer (died in 1792)
May 15th, 1718 (May 15 1718)EventJames Puckle, a London lawyer, patents the world s first machine gun.
May 15th, 1714 (May 15 1714)DeathRoger Elliott, British general and Governor of Gibraltar
May 15th, 1701 (May 15 1701)EventThe War of the Spanish Succession begins.
May 15th, 1699 (May 15 1699)DeathEdward Petre, English Jesuit and privy councilor (born in 1631)
May 15th, 1698 (May 15 1698)DeathMarie Champmesle, French actress (born in 1642)
May 15th, 1634 (May 15 1634)DeathHendrick Avercamp, Dutch painter (born in 1585)
May 15th, 1618 (May 15 1618)EventJohannes Kepler confirms his previously rejected discovery of the third law of planetary motion (he first discovered it on March 8 but soon rejected the idea after some initial calculations were made).
May 15th, 1609 (May 15 1609)DeathGiovanni Croce, Italian composer (born in 1557)
May 15th, 1608 (May 15 1608)BirthRene Goupil, French Catholic missionary (Canadian Martyrs) (died in 1642)
May 15th, 1602 (May 15 1602)EventBartholomew Gosnold becomes the first European to see Cape Cod.
May 15th, 1591 (May 15 1591)DeathDmitry Ivanovich, Tsarevich (born in 1582)
May 15th, 1585 (May 15 1585)DeathNiwa Nagahide, Japanese warlord (born in 1535)
May 15th, 1567 (May 15 1567)EventMary Queen of Scots marries James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, her third husband.
May 15th, 1567 (May 15 1567)Birth(baptism) Claudio Monteverdi, Italian composer (died in 1643)
May 15th, 1525 (May 15 1525)EventThe battle of Frankenhausen ends the Peasants War.
May 15th, 1514 (May 15 1514)EventJodocus Badius Ascensius publishes Christiern Pedersen s Latin version of Saxo s Gesta Danorum, the oldest known version of that work.
May 15th, 1470 (May 15 1470)DeathCharles VIII of Sweden (born in 1409)
May 15th, 1381 (May 15 1381)DeathEppelein von Gailingen, German robber baron
May 15th, 1252 (May 15 1252)EventPope Innocent IV issues the papal bull ad exstirpanda, which authorizes, but also limits, the torture of heretics in the Medieval Inquisition.
May 15th, 1174 (May 15 1174)DeathNur ad-Din, ruler of Syria (born in 1118)
May 15th, 1157 (May 15 1157)DeathYury Dolgoruky, Russian prince
May 15th, 1036 (May 15 1036)DeathEmperor Go-Ichijo of Japan (born in 1008)
May 15th, 0913 (May 15 0913)DeathHatto I, Archbishop of Mainz

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